Please take a look at some of the Templates and Backgrounds I have designed.  They are just examples, I can create any kind of design to suit you and your event.  Please click on an image to see the name of the design and a full view.

A template is the name for a kind of frame or overlay .  When your photos are printed they would be printed as shown in the designs with the template appearing to be on top of and framing the photographs.

The backgrounds are for use with the green screen option which means your photos will be printed with the image in the background giving the illusion that you are actually somewhere else!  There are plenty of examples photographs taken in this way on the Gallery page.

A Selection of 3-strip Templates for various occasions

Wedding Templates

Birthday Templates

Celebration Templates

Christmas and New Year Templates

Wedding Backgrounds

Birthday & Celebration Backgrounds

Christmas and New Year Backgrounds

Immersive Green Screen Backgrounds